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Property Maintenance Code
The Property Maintenance Code requires that all private and commercial properties be maintained at a certain level.

Common Code Violations
  • No parking on grass or any unpaved surface.
  • No storage of junk vehicles.
  • No blocking any driveway, fire hydrant, sidewalk, or within 20 feet of intersection.
  • Commercial vehicles must be parked in an enclosed structure.

Exterior & Yard Maintenance
  • No evidence of physical decay on exterior of buildings, such as peeling paint, mildew, and cracks.
  • No grass higher than 12 inches.
  • No wall or fence higher than 8 feet.
  • In front of building line, no fence higher than 4 feet or hedge higher than 3 feet.

  • Noise should not be loud enough to be heard in a place where you should expect peace and quiet, like your home.
  • Unreasonable noise is constituted as occurring between 9 p.m. and 7 a.m., audible inside another building, amplified, abnormally high or low, constant for at least 5 minutes, repeated three times in 30 minutes.

  • Keep dogs on a leash or at heel.
  • Complaints regarding the care and housing of animals should generally be addressed by contacting the county Animal Control at 770-339-3200.