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Do I Have to Go to Court?
Non-Mandatory Court Appearances
The following charges do not require a court appearance unless you want to enter a plea other than guilty. If you choose to appear in court, a 10% user fee will be added to your fine. Payments may be made prior to the court date on all violations that do not require a mandatory appearance. 

 Type of Violation
Center turn lane
Expired driver’s license
Expired tag
Failure to yield right of way
Following too close
Improper lane change
Improper passing
Improper turn
Child safety restraint violation
No license in possession
Red light violation
Seatbelt violation
Seatbelt under 18 years of age
Speeding 10-18 miles over
Speeding 19-21 miles over
Speeding 22-24 miles over
Speeding 25-28 miles over
Speeding 29-31 miles over
Speeding 32-34 miles over
Speeding 35-38 miles over
Speeding 39-41 miles over
Speeding 42-44 miles over
Speeding 45-48 miles over
Speeding 49-50 miles over
Stop sign violation
Too fast for conditions

Mandatory Court Appearances
Any charge that may suspend your driver's license or require fingerprinting, these charges must appear in court. The fines will be set by the judge at the hearing. 

 Type of Violation
Suspended/Revoked License
No insurance
Speeding more than 24 mph if under age of 21
Endangering child under 14 w/ DUI
Possession of marijuana
Hit and run
Fleeing and attempting to elude
No driver's license
Reckless/Aggressive driving
Fraudulent driver's license
Violation of limited driving permit (DUI)
Suspended/Canceled registration

If your offense is not listed, contact the Lilburn Municipal Court Clerk at 770-921-2505 or email with questions.

No Proof of Insurance
If you did not have insurance on the day you were cited, you must come to court. If you did have insurance, you may bring your original insurance card (not a copy) to the Court Clerk’s Office prior to your court date and pay a $50 fine. The coverage must be for the vehicle you were driving or you must bring the policy, which states you are covered for any car that you drive.

Failure to Appear
If you fail to appear in court on the court date (on the front of your citation) a bench warrant will be issued if your case requires a court appearance. You will be entered on the State of Georgia’s Crime Information Center (GCIC) computer system as wanted by the Lilburn Police Department, and your driver’s license will be subject to suspension by the Department of Public Safety. A failure to appear warrant incurs an additional $150 fee. If an officer stops you again, they will arrest you and take you to jail.

If, for some reason, you are unable to appear at your scheduled court date, the Municipal Court allows one continuance. This must be requested and signed for in person at the Municipal Court located in the Calvin Fitchett Municipal Complex at 76 Main St., Lilburn, GA 30047. No continuances will be granted by phone and must be requested no later than 48 hours prior to your scheduled court date.

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Clerk of Municipal Court

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