Code Enforcement

The Mayor and City Council adopt property standards to protect the health, safety, welfare, and property values of Lilburn residents. These standards are enforced by the city's code enforcement officers, who are part of the Lilburn Police Department.

Learn more about code enforcement in the City Code Guide (English or Spanish).

Code Enforcement Process

The process of code enforcement protects the health, safety, welfare, and property values of Lilburn residents. This process has been developed not only to furnish the city a means to obtain code compliance, but to protect the rights of anyone identified as being in violation of a city code.

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Step 1

A complaint is filed with the city. If the complaint is found to be a potential code issue, the code enforcement officer will inspect the premises and determine if the issue warrants follow up.

Example of Notice of ViolationStep 2

If the code enforcement officer identifies a violation of city regulations, the person responsible for causing the violation is notified of the problem. This notice will include the nature of the violation and the date when it should be corrected. The immediacy of the corrective action will depend on the significance of the violation.

Example of Citation

Step 3

If the city cannot gain compliance through cooperative efforts and negotiation, a citation may be issued requiring a court appearance. After hearing the testimony and reviewing the evidence, the court will issue a verdict. A guilty sentence includes compliance, possibly a fine, and court costs.