Public Works


Public Works consists of six crew members. This department maintains the well-kept streets and parks we are proud to have in the City of Lilburn, and that includes a wide array of responsibilities:

Road repairs: Accomplish small repairs to city streets and some county roads. Larger, more complex jobs are contracted out. Learn more.

Emergency response: In the event of a transportation emergency, the public works staff will respond 24 hours a day, seven days a week to clear the roads.

City Park and Greenway maintenance: Maintain grounds, shrubs, trees, mulch, and rock track within Lilburn City Park. Meet landscape maintenance needs on the Camp Creek Greenway, including repairing damaged boardwalks and fencing, trimming the fairways, and handling minor tree maintenance.

Sign maintenance:  Maintain 1000+ signs on city streets, including annual inspections and replacement of old, damaged, or sub-standard signs.

Chipper service: Remove limbs and shrub debris. In a typical week, public works is able to work the whole city, with an average pickup rate of 30+ stops a day and 1.5 loads of mulch. Learn more.

Erosion control:  Deliver rip-rap rocks to citizens to assist in controlling erosion. Each residence in need is entitled to one load per year.

Vehicle and equipment maintenance:  Maintain public works vehicles, mowers, and hand-held equipment.

Public Works facility maintenance: Repair and replace items in need of repair at the public works and fleet maintenance facility, including painting, concrete, carpentry, and sheetrock.

Events: Assists with setup and cleanup for large-scale city events.

Gwinnett County supports the City of Lilburn's stormwater, sewer, and water services.