Street Maintenance

The City of Lilburn Public Works Department maintains 73.18 miles of city streets in the Lilburn city limits

Responsibilities include:

  • Repair and maintenance of roads, curbs, gutters, and sidewalks
  • Maintenance of rights of way, including mowing grass and removing trash and debris (Although state and county agencies are required to maintain roadways, the city’s Public Works Department does the  landscape maintenance on these roadways).
  • Maintenance of traffic signs

Roads maintained by Gwinnett County Department of Transportation include:

  • Arcado Road
  • Burns Road
  • Cole Road
  • Dickens Road
  • Harbins Road
  • Harmony Grove Road
  • Indian Trail Road
  • Killian Hill Road
  • Lester Road
  • Lilburn Stone Mountain
  • Pleasant Hill Road
  • Rockbridge Road
  • Ronald Reagan Parkway

Report a Street Light Outage

To report a street light outage or malfunction, contact the power company that serves your area. Please have address, near street, and pole number (if available) ready for the electric company representative.