City Manager

The city manager is appointed by the City Council to deliver high-quality, effective, and efficient services to Lilburn residents, businesses, and visitors. While the City Council sets the policy direction for the city, the city manager implements these policies to achieve the city's goals.

Each staff member is made accountable by the city manager to meet the standard required by the mission statement: The mission of the City of Lilburn is to provide exemplary municipal services, quality city infrastructure and facilities and to inspire community improvements that add value to the lives of our residents and enhance businesses.


  • Ensures that the City Council's policy goals are achieved through the programs of the city departments
  • Ensures the fiscal health of the city through prudent financial management
  • Assists the Council in strategic planning for the city's growth
  • Manages the day-to-day delivery of city services

Protocol Manual

This protocol manual is designed to assist the City Council, staff, and others by memorializing existing policies, procedures, and the general ways of doing things. Its purpose is also to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of council, staff, and others.

The protocol manual includes the ethics ordinance, purchasing policy and 
flag policy.