Property Maintenance Code

The Property Maintenance Code requires that all private and commercial properties be maintained at a certain level.

Code violations include:

  • Parking on the grass.
  • Outside storage of junk vehicles. A junk vehicle means any vehicle, car, truck, van, or trailer that is wrecked, dismantled, partially dismantled, stripped, partially stripped, inoperative, abandoned, or discarded. Up to two vehicles under repair may be stored in an enclosed building.
  • Commercial vehicles parked in the driveway or street; they must be parked in an enclosed structure.
  • Boats or RVs parked in the front yard or on the street. They must be parked in the side or rear yard and on an approved surface, which includes a concrete, asphalt, brick paver, or decorative stone surface.

Illegal parking includes blocking of any driveway, fire hydrant, or sidewalk, or within 20 feet of an intersection. Contact the Lilburn Police Department non-emergency response: 770-513-5700.